In English

I am a freelance writer and translator for both Japanese and English.

I’ve recently written a book on the Japanese concept of ikigai. Pre-order is available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Meanwhile, you can read my article on the topic on BBC and HuffPost.

My writings can be found on major Japanese lifestyle and business magazines like Casa Brutus and Aera as well as a variety of online publications. I write regular monthly columns for Mac Fan, Fujin Gaho, and Courrier Japon. I’ve co-authored several books in the past and have supervised the dubbed version of the movie The Social Network.

Besides writing, I help non-Japanese startups to localize their products for the Japanese market. I like to call it cultralization instead of localization. This is an important process beyond just translating, of reflecting the Japanese culture and habits into the product.

For any questions or inquiries, please email me at yukari77 [at]
You can also find me on Twitter.